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Radio Host

Dawn began her career in radio when she started at a news-talk station as a call screener in San Antonio Texas in 2003.

Within four months she was producing the afternoon drive show, and within two years she was the executive producer of the station while producing the morning and afternoon show.

Before long she became the public affairs director for the station, and from there she moved over to launch the ESPN Radio affiliate station in San Antonio.

Dawn became the executive producer, the afternoon sports anchor, and a co-host on the afternoon drive show as well as hosting TrackSmack there.

“I have known since my freshman year in high school what I wanted to do. I used to tell folks I would be the first female NBA play by play commentator,” said Dawn when asked what got her interested in doing a sports talk show?

Dawn also added that “I would videotape old Celtics-Lakers series or Pistons-Celtics games and play them back muted so I could practice my play by play.”

in 2004, Dawn along with her morning show host Trey Ware started a small pre-race show before their station took over the PRN coverage of races.

Within six months, TRACKSMACK was up and running and she hasn’t looked back since.

Dawn’s aggressiveness behind the microphone has made her a fan favorite for those who tune in to listen to her show, and she attributes that trait to the huge amount of pressure she puts on herself to give the radio listeners a sense of togetherness.

Being a fan herself, Dawn knows how passionate NASCAR fans are about the sport which has helped her to take a laid back approach, but at the same time she will take a hard hitting approach when it comes to certain topics.

Dawn took TrackSmack in 2011 to become an independent show, and was one of the first to go on internet and to podcast style formats. Not only does she Host the show, she produces, directs, and does her own bookings.

Get in touch to learn more about the wonderful team behind TrackSmack Radio.

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